About Us

While Mega Customs is guiding its sector from one side, always seeks to achieve perfection and customer confidence in the other side.


Mega Customs established in 2004 is a logistics provider specializing in innovative transportation management solutions. Mega Customs will always be one step closer to the changing world by blending tradition and innovation,


The success of Mega Customs associated with mostly our team members’ feeling of ownership for our customers and the company. We started our business in 2004 and we have continued to serve you non-stop throughout all years. We opened offices by growing and developing always. We are happy where we are today, but we want to achieve more. We have an important place that we operate in the fields of import, export, transit airway, seaway and highway and we are working to improve this position. Mega Customs will continuously increase its targets and will work hard to continue growing in the future.


​​There are honesty, commitment and excellence at the center of Mega Customs values. Our employees which are our most important asset are the guarantee that our values ​​will live on today and in the future. Our prompt services, innovative solutions and commercial line expertise, our strongest features, are the foundations that hold our strong company values ​​together. We provide freedom and control to our customers with a personal touch.


Our access is national; our approach is personal. A culture where our teammates feel like family is situated at the heart of our company. Mega Customs is financially strong, stable and independent. Our logistics network, infrastructure, experience and expert services are our most important characteristics for the leadership we have aimed at sector. Mega Customs, which has become one of the pioneers of the sector owing to these qualities, constantly enhance its services and duties according to the needs of its customers

We believe that the key feature that distinguishes Mega Customs from others – in many ways – is that it always does its part to bring about the inevitable technology transformation in our traditional industries.

Mission and Vision


Honesty, commitment and perfectionism take place on the top of the other values ​​of Mega Customs. Our pioneering idea is to always be different by blending the traditional and the innovation. Mega Customs is a company with an extremely strong history and an equally promising future. In order to maintain our success and continue to stand out as a leader in our industry, we make sure that each member of the Mega Customs team retain our mission and vision, and lives our values ​​carefully in the work they do every day.



We act in line with your wishes and demands, and move customer satisfaction from good to better. That’s why our vision is you. We will continue to develop our customer satisfaction-oriented action plans with your feedback, and we will be the customs consultancy that provides the most customer satisfaction. We are currently serving this purpose by providing services in all provinces of Turkey.

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