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It is important for the importing company to find a customs broker that fits their needs. We carry out your brokerage and customs clearance works on time without having to deal with many different institutions involved in the import process.

About Us

While Mega Customs is guiding its sector from one side, always seeks to achieve perfection and customer confidence in the other side. Mega Customs established in 2004 is a logistics provider specializing in innovative transportation management solutions. Mega Customs will always be one step closer to the changing world by blending tradition and innovation,

Service Sectors of Our Company

While you are importing and exporting as our valued customers, we focus on what we know best as Mega Customs, that is, we enable you to focus on the area you know best. We save you from paperwork and making connections and we are looking for ways to make you make time and money. We know that there is a need for continuity in imports and we are pleased to provide this continuity to our customers as Mega Customs.
We are aware of the strong role of the petrochemical industry with the raw material supply provides to many industries. With this importance, strict security measures come along with together. Having the tighter security measures of the petrochemical industry bring multi-stage processes and the possibility of disruption. We offer solutions by doing what suits us as always as Mega Customs to the problems of the sector with our expert staff and submit to our valuable customers the opportunity to handle your transactions without encountering these problems.

If today’s world means innovation, speed and change; Mega Customs means harmony. We have always a command of fast and constantly changing legislations with our expert teams. We offer you the most practical solutions for customs clearance of your construction materials. Adapting you to this changing World is the job of Mega Customs and Mega Customs is very competitive in its business. Mega Customs will help you in your customs affairs to move you forward in the sector in which you compete.

We handle your machinery import and export transactions at the best possible price and we never make concessions to quality. We always support you by our experienced staff and complete your customs clearance procedures with our expert staff. With Mega Customs, you obtain speed, time and customer satisfaction with you, so everything you need…

Plastic products and their derivatives occupy a very important share in today’s trade in the Turkish customs tariff schedule. This important share brings in company with classifications and confusion. There are many points needs to attach great importance to during the import and customs clearance of plastics. Since plastic is a general meaning, it should be evaluated in the appropriate GTIP position by classified according to article manufactured goods. Mega Customs will always accompany with you to solve all encountered problems in your customs process while you are making these classifications.

As being aware of the global warming and carbon emission problem and in behalf of leaving a more livable world to future generations, we work in partnership with nature by producing solutions that will maximize the energy of our customers operating in the energy sector. We develop swift and workable solutions for you by taking into account the emerged pressures and regional developments in the energy sector. We protect both your products and your energy. Thus, Mega Customs offers you the chance to have a more productive and quality life at work and in your personal life.

The iron-steel industry is an industry which has a strategic importance for world economies in terms of its contributions to the real economy. The iron-steel industry is in the position of locomotive of the metal industry by providing inputs to many basic sectors from transportation to construction, from agriculture to technology. The iron-steel industry, which is one of the critical industries for the economic growing and development of nations, has made significant progress in the Turkish economy in the last twenty years. For this reason, constant developments and changes in customs legislation and practices has occurred. As Mega Customs, we protect you from all kinds of disruptions that may occur from these changes thanks to our experienced and expert staff in the sector.

Activity Areas


As Mega Customs, we continue our achievements to present the best available transportation and transportation solutions for transportation since 2004 and increasing of our customer satisfaction. Air transportation is the fastest method of freight shipment, but customs procedures will waste your time. We also make you save your time in customs process. Wherever your shipment is going and when it needs to arrive, we make sure it gets there flawlessly and on time.


Attain speed and precision in your deliveries under favour of the Mega Customs services. Your product will reach in the place of delivery via highway by passing through customs smoothly and flawlessly with Mega Customs. We make an action plan according to your specific business challenges, offer fast delivery service and make you take advantage of quality with an efficient land distribution strategy owing to our connections with all customs directorates of Turkey.


We have been providing transportation for your cargo to every corner of Turkey on your behalf for years. We deal with all your transactions with our experienced and talented employees and offer the best way to transport your cargo in order to meet your requirements. Mega Customs will maintain increasing of customer satisfaction by producing innovative solutions always. We think you as much as you do by acting with our principles of honesty, commitment and excellence.


We enable you to reach the network that we have established with the railway. We provide you services from the railway for your heavy or numerically high materials while we are transporting your loads.

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